SAP FSM: Autoscheduling: Deprecation of old reassign/unassign logic

Dear Customer/Partner,

Please note that the current logic for unassigning or reassigning activities in SAP Field Service Management will be deprecated. As a consequence, this change will also be adopted by the autoscheduling functions.

Current standard behavior
Unassigning or reassigning a released activity results in
1. A copy of the activity gets created. When reassigning an activity, the new activity will be assigned to the new technician. When unassigning an activity, the new activity will not be assigned to a technician.
2. The original activity is cancelled.
Currently, customers and consultants can choose to implement the old standard behavior or to use the new behavior upon calling the Re-Optimization API or Task API for autoscheduling from, e.g., a business rule. Please refer to the SAP documentation for further details.


New standard behavior as of release 2211
Unassigning or reassigning a released activity does not result in a copy of the unassigned or reassigned activity getting created anymore. Instead, the original activity is updated to reflect the change.

Customers and consultants won't be able to use the old logic anymore.

Release 2211 is scheduled for 11 November 2022.

You do not need to get active, as this change will happen automatically.

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