SAP FSM - Modal UI for Planning and Dispatching (2205 Release)

Dear customers and partners,

with the 2205 release (scheduled for May 20, 2022), the new Modal UI will be made generally available.


What is happening?

The Modal UI for the Planning and Dispatching application was available until now under the preview program. Starting with the 2205 release SAP enables their customers to adapt their processes to the new Modal UI. 


What benefits will this bring?

  • Provides more intuitive access and an optimized workflow for viewing and managing information related to service calls and activities
  • Allows the planner to have easier access to service call and activity without having the need to access sidebar to retrieve information


How can you onboard yourself and support us?

With the release 2205, we encourage you to adopt the new Modal UI within a time period of 6 months. During the 6 months, you can adapt your processes and customizations to support the new Modal UI. After the 6 months, the Modal UI will be effective by default.


For more information, please follow this link: Modal UI for Planning and Dispatching


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