How to install and setup C4T

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1 Pre-Requirements

   1.1 Create Client ID and Client Secret

   1.2 Installation of the Extension

2 Setting up C4T

   2.1 Making your Company-Data ready for C4T

     2.1.1 Authorizations and Permissions

     2.1.2 Maintaining of existing Master Data Setting up Positions of People Assigning Position to Group Leader/ Manager (GL) Assigning Field Service Technician (FST) to Group Leader/ Manager (GL)

   2.2 Executing the Configuration Wizard


1. Pre-Requirements (Back to Table of Contents)

In the following chapters, you will find a step-by-step description on how to install the SAP Field Service Management extension “C4T – Corecloud for Time”.

These steps have to be followed after requesting a (demo) License via our sales-team (


1.1 Create Client ID and Client Secret (Back to Table of Contents)

For having the appropriate access to your SAP FSM Data, the extension is working, next to the use of the logged-in User, with the Client ID and Client Secret.

After adding the extension, this “Client” needs to be created in your SAP FSM Administration area by following these steps:

In the FSM Admin Application, go to “Clients” and press “Create”:


This will allow you to create your account specific Client ID and Client Secret:


The “Client Id” is a unique identifier over all cloud accounts and is pre-set with a UUID (a 32-character string). Due to this, we recommend using a meaningful Id.
In my case I am using my cloud account “core-bem-ie” plus the name of the extension.

Furthermore, the Client need to have full access to the relevant data. This can be achieved by using the pre-configured User Group “Admin”. This needs to be set for each individual company of your account, in where C4T should be used.

After pressing “Save”, you will receive the Client Secret:


The provided “Client Secret” needs to be stored in a secured place as you won’t be able to visualize this Secret anymore afterwards.

The next step is to encrypt this Client ID and Client Secret into a Base64 encrypted string. You can use the tool for this purpose. The encryption is straight forward. To get the encrypted Client ID and Client Secret, this combined Client ID and Client Secret has to be added in the following way (without the curly brackets but with the colon): {clientId}:{clientSecret}

After adding the combined information, you need to press “Encode” and you will receive the Base64 encoded string, which will be used in the C4T installation and configuration.



1.2 Installation of the Extension (Back to Table of Contents)

The installation itself is straight forward by choosing our extension "C4T - Corecloud for Time" from the SAP FSM Extension Directory and install it by using a user with admin rights in FSM. 

1. Click on the Extension

2. Choose "Install" in the upper right corner

3. Confirm Agreement

Important: No data is stored in any of Coresystems' environments. All Data is purely stored in FSM Data Objects.

4. Choose the installation location "Home Screen"

5. Extension is installed



2. Setting up C4T (Back to Table of Contents)


2.1 Making your Company-Data ready for C4T (Back to Table of Contents)


2.1.1 Authorizations and Permissions 

C4T is using two main business roles:

  • Field Service Technician (FST)
  • Group Leader/ Manager (GL)

The intention is, that the FST is able to record, adjust and send Time Entries into an approval flow.

The GL is able to see the Time Entries of the linked FST and to approve or reject the Time Entries.

To be able to do so, we recommend to have two different User Groups whereby the User Group that is going to be assigned to the GL, must have full CRUD-Operation (“ALL”) authorization on the following DTO's:

  • WorkTime
  • TimeEffort

What can be used here is the pre-defined User Groups “Field Service Engineer” (for the FST). For the GL role the “Admin” User Group could be used. However, it is recommended to create a new User Group for the GL with only needed permissions.

The handling of Users and User Groups is described under

User Groups:


2.1.2 Maintaining of existing Master Data

The Extension C4T need to differentiate between Field Service Technician (FST) and Group Leader/ Manager (GL). Furthermore, the extension must have the knowledge, which GL is responsible for which FSTs.

This will be set up in/ via the People Master Data functionality or by setting this information in the Backend-System on the People-Master Data.

If this setting is to be handled in FSM directly, the following description is valid. If you are going to set this information in your Backend-System, please consult your Backend-System consulting team. Setting up Positions of People

If your company is setup as an “ERP” – Company, this setup needs to be done in the linked Backend-System. You can figure out if your company is an ERP-Company or a “Standalone” company by being in the Admin of FSM and clicking on the relevant company:


The setup of Positions is being done via “Setting and Configuration”:

  • Master Data
  • People

In this screen, if not already existing, at least a position for the Group Leader/ Manager (GL) needs to be setup.

In below example, a Position called “Team Lead – Field Service” with code “TLFSA” has been created:


In case of an ERP connected environment, you just would need to identify the code of the Position in this screen. It could also be a numeric value like “6” as this value is defined by the Backend-System. Assigning Position to Group Leader/ Manager (GL)

In section Master Data / People you have to choose the GL and assign the relevant Position (if not already assigned via the Backend-System):

mceclip18.png Assigning Field Service Technician (FST) to Group Leader/ Manager (GL)

In section Master Data / People you have to choose the individual FST and assign the relevant GL to them:



2.2 Executing the Configuration Wizard (Back to Table of Contents)

As C4T is fully using the Data, that are existing in your SAP FSM environment, some additional information has to be stored in your environment. C4T has got an integrated configuration tool (wizard) that needs to be executed for the creation of those objects and fields.

To perform the initial configuration step, just click on the C4T-tile and follow the instructions. The configuration wizard will be started if these steps have not been performed yet.

1. Execute “Corecloud 4 Time”

2. Choose “Step 2”

3. Configure the Extension

  • Credentials: Add the previously Base64 encoded “Client ID:Client Secret” Key (it will be there in clear text). As just specific users with specific permissions are having access to this administration area, this information cannot be read by not authorized people.
  • Period Length in Days: A numeric value that reflects a value in days, how often the FST need so send the Time Entries to the linked GL. In case, you add “7” and the FST is finalizing the Time Entries, 7 days will be sent to the GL.
    Important: This is a one-time-setting and should not be adjusted afterwards as side-effects could occur.
  • Manager Position Id: The code from the “Position” of the Group Leader/ Manager (GL)
  • Use WorkTime Feature*: If you’re aiming to also use the WorkTime Approval functionality.
    Important: The WorkTime functionality is actually not usable in SAP ECC or SAP B1 connected environments due to missing functionalities/ permissions in SAP FSM for those environments.


4. Finish the Configuration 


* WorkTime Feature:

You can configure an approval rule for newly submitted WorkTimes, so that the information can be reviewed and approved/confirmed by a manager in C4T. Please use attached sample business rule  for this purpose and make sure the correct technical contact is selected. For TimeEfforts, the business rule is already existing in each environment as a Sample. 

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