Support of Coresuite in Web Client of SAP Business One 10.0

With SAP Business One 10.0, SAP introduced also a new Web Client. This Web Client is another client for SAP Business One and it encapsulates SAP Business One core processes and business logic. It reads and writes from and to the same company database as a standard SAP Business One client, however, you can run it directly from the web browser and you do not need to have SAP Business One client physically installed on the machine in order to work in your company database. SAP delivered it for both MS SQL and SAP HANA versions.

Unfortunately, at the moment, we can not support the Coresuite add-on for Web Client, because the Web Client is created by using a completely different technology than the standard SAP Business One client, or a Browser Access. Currently, neither 3rd party add-ons nor SAP add-ons can be used with this Web Client. There is no SDK delivered by SAP that would allow us to build our add-on compatible with Web Client and we do not know when it will be delivered, or if it even will be delivered. SAP delivered the first part of the extensibility model with SAP Business One 10.0 FP2105, but this allows you to do only some small changes like brand tiles (or screens), which is not sufficient for our add-on.


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