[WFM] Change of behaviour in default date during page refresh

Until version 6.32.0 of the module "Planning and Dispatching", during the first login or during each page refresh, the planning board was presented with "today" as default date. The user could then use the calendar setting to navigate to a different date but once a refresh was triggered the page was re-presented with today date.

Change of behaviour

Starting from version higher than 6.32.0 during the login and during the page refresh, the planning board will load the last date chosen. This means as well that whenever the planner will navigate away and back to the planning page, the last date used will be preserved. To navigate to "Today" the user has the possibility to click the "Today" button.


This will help the planner in keeping the context where he was working, without the need to search every time the date he was previously looking at.

Caution points

Users that were used to login in the application and be prompted with "today" as the starting date might be miss-leaded. 

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