SAP FSM Android App Release Notes

The following content is provided and written by SAP. Versions without an exact release date (e.g. April 2020) are currently planned but not yet released. 



May 15th, 2020 

Technical improvements

  • Fixed an issue with the numeric input switching to character inputs mode after the users enter a digit on table text fields. 


May 14th, 2020

What’s New

  • Updated the UI for attachments download and added the ability to download these attachments in the background.
  • Activity details and Reserved Material UI updates that were previously in the preview are now available as standard.  

Technical improvements

  • Can on longer edit fields in checklist marked as 'Read Only'.
  • Resolved a crash caused by selecting Send email in the final screen of the integrated checkout process.




April 3rd, 2020

Technical improvements

  • Addresses an issue with some checklist dropdowns requiring two taps to open.



March 31th, 2020

What’s New

  • Tools improvements - Display number of reserved vs the number of used tools, filter tools by "mine".
  • Filter activities list by the equipment.

Bug fixes

  • Can't create a new contact for an existing Business Partner.
  • Lead/SalesOpportunity contact details changes are ignored.
  • Null value causes app crashes during checkout/report generation.



February 12th, 2020

What’s New

  • Caching now includes attachment on Equipment and Business Partners.

Bug fixes

  • App crash on group checkout and at least one assignment are in status locked.
  • Fixed issue with multiline text on checklist report view. 



February 17th, 2020

What’s New

  • Support swipe gestures to navigate the Homescreen and Smartforms
  • Support screen config for Sales Quotation screen
  • Smartform Table improvements - Inline editing

Bug fixes

  • Checklist auto-populated fields - date stays empty
  • Editing activity allows changing origin service call
  • Checklist can't be finished, when the phone is set to Chinese
  • TimeEffort disappears when canceling the preview report



December 16th, 2019

What’s New

  • Set a Smartfom as a workflow step
  • Support for Multiple Service workflows  
  • Ability to delete synced attachments on Standalone and ECC accounts

Bug fixes

  • Time interval setting not working for efforts screen
  • Smartform calculation Element parsing issue when no alphanumeric IDs were used



November 13th, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Optional fields are mandatory within a table on a checklist instance
  • Mileage date is not stored correctly



October 22th, 2019

What’s New

  • Scan barcodes in Smart Form Text fields. 
  • Display Date and Time fields on the Service Call creation screen.
  • Declined efforts should are no longer considered in the "No overlapping efforts" rule.

Bug fixes

  • ServiceCheckout email address cannot be manually entered.
  • Online report template - date selection default 1970.
  • Summary screen - sign page doesn't pass defined email.
  • Closed activities are not greyed out on the activity menu.



September 26th, 2019

What’s New

  • Added search bar to Reserved material batch items.
  • Support screen configuration for Activity inline editing screen.

Bug fixes

  • Visibility condition in Checklists isn't working correctly.



September 4th, 2019

What’s New

  • Improve data clean when objects are deleted. Clean up is now 40% quicker. 
  • Filter the quantity of an item based on the warehouse and the respective stock info when creating a material.
  • Preview of the Checkout Summary screen.

Bug fixes

  • Smart form chapter title is cut off after 71 characters.
  • An issue with material batch selection affecting some customers. 
  • No validation if the quantity of a material exceeds what is in stock.



August 14th, 2019

What’s New

  • Enable multi-selection on filter options for a service call and activity workflow steps.
  • When creating Assignment, the chosen Equipment is now linked in ServiceCall

Bug fixes

  • ERP Error polling services crashes if app is in background.
  • When using Screenconfig for UDF (Boolean) the behavior/values are different between Android and iOS. 
  • Equipment in hierarchy breadcrumb shows type instead of just name.
  • Prerequisites for activity action is different than on iOS.



August 2019

What’s New

  • Custom translation support for DTOItem.
  • Create project teams from mobile. 

Bug fixes

  •  Custom translations are not showing when using "Simplified Chinese".



July 15th, 2019

What’s New

  • Company setting to change cache settings on the device via the Admin portal.
  • Support Screen Configuration for Activity Lists.

Bug fixes

  • An issue with some EAN-128 not being recognized.
  • Fixed issue with defined language is not being remembered when generating reports.
  • Time effort type not pre-selected in the workflow step.
  • Empty Checkout condition message in Android.



May 9th, 2019

What’s New

  • No new features 

Bug fixes

  • Keyboard covers bottom SmartForm elements.
  • No error displayed when creating an assignment without a business partner. 
  • Certain screen configuration with leads to Work Time Type remains red and unable to be saved.
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