Push Notifications

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In A Nutshell

Note: Currently, push notifications only works for one device at a time. If you are logged into two or more devices, the device with the most recent log-in will receive the notifications.

Technicians in the field can now receive push notifications on their device when:

1. A new activity has been assigned (and released) to a technician or to a team of which the technician is a member.
2. An activity is handed over to another technician (the technician who receives the activity is notified).
3. An activity that was assigned to a technician or to a team the technician is a member of was cancelled.
4. An effort or expense has been rejected, declined, or a change has been requested (EMME).

Opening a push notification will trigger a sync and redirect the user to the relevant activity.


Company Settings

To turn on push notifications the following company settings must be enabled:



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