What’s new in “Dent Blanche” Release?






Highlights and User Impact: 

●      Towards a Harmonized User Experience for the 4th generation CRM: we worked toward harmonizing the User Interface to bring a consistent experience across SAP CX Portfolio: updated colors, brands, fonts and icons will also bring a fresh new look to our UI.

●       Project Planner can now use Shifts for planning. To further address the needs of complex industrial Field Service, we introduced the concept of Shift, allowing the planner to organize their project execution in shifts.

●      Improve your service performance thanks to the new rating concept integrated into your end-customer feedback


SAP branding and naming. Becoming part of SAP means we need to redefine the product portfolio and how we position our solution. The most notable change here is the renaming of some of our applications alongside the SAP.



Customer Self-Service (Now)

Get Feedback on your service performance and Improve the quality of your service thanks to a new rating concept. Starting with this version, it is now possible for your end-customers to see or give ratings in the Self-Service Portal and Service Assistant.


Workforce Management

Faster Results for the Dispatchers: the new Activity list has been enhanced with a powerful fuzzy search. Finding the activity of interest within thousands of results is now much faster simply typing the information of interest in the search-box and obtaining results immediately. The Activity List also supports now filtering and sorting on the User Defined Fields.


Project Management

Shifts. As the project manager, you are now able to define the pool or resources assigned to a project and assign shifts to technicians and to activities so that you can easily assign activities to the technicians of a certain shift.




Shifts. Technicians in the field are now able to view the type of shift on Activity and filter the activities list based on the shift type. This allows the technician to quickly scroll through activities, based on their shift type (Day or Night shift).


Team on Activity. Activities can now be assigned to a team and the assigned team will be visible in the activity details screen.

iOS_team_on_activty_8_.jpg ios_team_list_9_.jpg

Push notifications. A push notification will send to the technician whenever an activity status is updated (released, canceled) or if an effort or expense is declined or a change is requested.

Upon receiving the push notification, click it will trigger a sync and navigate to the item that triggered the notification.

Push notifications help keep technicians update in the field, as changes are happening, without the need for them manually check for these updates.

Data Loader

People – Skills Assignments. Ability to export/import people – skills assignments. You manage skills to people assignments in an external system and you want to have an easy way to upload all the assignments changes via a Data Loader? The new feature will solve your problem. First, export the skills assignments to have a clear picture of your technician’s capabilities. Second, modify the assignments in the same file and import it back to SAP Field Service Management.



Streaming API. As an integration engineer are you looking for push notifications from SAP Field Service Management. The Streaming API enables an external system to receive notifications whenever an object in SAP Field Service Management is changed. A notification is the whole Data Transfer Object itself (DTO). In the first version, only a Service Call and an Activity object is supported. 

Service API. You are integrating with SAP Field Service Management and you want to create a Service Call via an API? Now you can create a Service Call and an associated activity in a more easy and orchestrated way via high-level Service API.

Analytics and Reporting

SAP Analytics Cloud integration. As we are part of SAP we enable you to embed your SAP Analytics Cloud Stories into Analytics & Reporting App. With this, you can create more complex dashboards and display them next to your existing FSM Dashboards.  



·                We would like to remind you that you can make use of our “Preview Program” to discover some of the coming features: here 

·                Release Dates for 2019 are also available here.

Release Date

The majority of the changes are already released, and the latest ones will be available by the 27-Nov-2018.

*Dent Blanche (14,295 ft) is a mountain in the Pennine Alps, lying in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. With its 4,357 metres-high summit, it is one of the highest peaks in the Alps


San Francisco, Nov 9, 2018





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