General Settings

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In a Nutshell

The General Settings tab is used to manage and control the behavior of the web portal and chat bot.

General Settings

Base URL

his URL reflects your company specific URL to access either the admin or portal application. Please note that this field is read-only and cannot be edited.

General Login

When active, this setting requires a login in every part of the app.

Service Requests


The origin code which is used for Service Calls created by Customer Self-Service.

Options include:

  • email
  • telephone
  • web portal

Hide ETA

If checked, estimated time of arrival (ETA) and route of technician (map) will NOT be displaed. This settting is only relevant for status Travel.

Hide Route

Hide map which includes route of technician. This setting is only relevant for status Travel.

Cancel Service Request

When active, this allows requestors to cancel service requests with status Open.

Auto Release of Service Requests

When active, created service requests will be assigned and released to a technician automatically.

Allowed deadline for rescheduling

This deadline indicates how many hours prior to the start of an unreleased assignment the assignment can be rescheduled by the user. (0 = rescheduling disabled)

User Management

Profile Pictures

Download and display profile pictures from Google or Gravatar (if available).

Optical Character Recognition

Note: The OCR reader can be configred as an alternative to the QR Code scanner available by default in Moment-Sets.

Equipment Recognition URL

Define your custom URL where you can search for a specific equipment record.

Enable OCR

Enable optical character recognition for equipment. OCR is only available by navigating to the Equipment Recognition URL created in the Equipment Recognition URL setting.

Equipment Lookup Field

Define which equipment field is relevant for the equipment search (defaut: serialNumber).

Recognition Pattern

When using OCR, you need to define patterns (Regex) to identify the relevant equipment information in the picture.

For example: Pattern ([0-9]{6})([A-Z]{1}) would match this string: 123456X.

Testing Regex

The patterns defined in the field can be tested by selecting the Test Your Patterns button.

You will then be able to an enter an input to test the pattern again:

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