Customer Self-Service

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It is here where you can upload a company logo and avatar, and define the colors (both main and accent) displayed in the self-service portal used by customers.

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Moment-Set Management

Moment-sets are used to create and manage what customer support options are available to a customer for a specific equipment.

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QR-Code Management

The QR-Codes screen is used to manage the associations between QR-codes and item and equipment records. It is here, too, where moment-sets can be assigned to equipment.

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Workflow Assignments

The Workflow Assignments screen is used to view and manage the assignment between workflow steps and the visual icon used to represent them in the customer-facing interface.

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Customer Self-Service in Action

See how it all looks for the customer after you've complete the setup.

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  • General Settings

  • System Requirements

  • Changelog

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