[UX] First release of Fiori 3 redesign for SAP Field Service Management

Highlights and user impact

Toward an Harmonized User Experience for the 4th generation CRM: we worked toward harmonizing the User Interface to bring a consistent experience across SAP CX Portfolio: updated colors, brands, fonts and icons will also bring a fresh new look to our UI.

“Dent Blanche” is our first release as an official SAP Product, part of the C4/Hana portfolio. We now started to harmonize the user experience toward the SAP standards to make it consistent and enjoyable across all the SAP C4/Hana portfolio. For this release the focus was put on the application shell, navigation and login screens. The changes are small but have a noticeable visual impact, new SAP icons and the SAP 72 font have been implemented.


SAP branding and naming. Becoming part of SAP means we need to redefine the product portfolio and how we position our solution. The most notable change here is the renaming of some of our applications alongside the SAP.


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