Loading of your modules in Coresuite 6.95 (Coresuite Framework 6.95)


We will be releasing our newest version of our applications soon. The new version introduces a new mechanism for loading modules which we will describe below, so you'll be better prepared for the coming release.

How it works today?

Presently, the loading mechanism will check all files in the delivered with modules to find a single one. This operation is somewhat lengthy and introduces a delay in the starting of the add-on.

How has it changed?

Starting with version 6.95, coresuite will automatically detect which file it needs to run the module and store that information, so it can reuse it later when starting again.

Furthermore, you as a developer of a module can use the sipinfo.xml file to indicate which file needs to be used and coresuite will use that information, without the need for the automatic detection.

What changes for me as a user?

As a user, there should be no visible change to your workflow. The changes made support all existing modules and future modules as well.

What changes for me as an administrator?

As an administrator, you should be aware that any older modules that do not use the new sipinfo.xml file will require coresuite to auto-detect their "starting point". For this reason, when a module does not contain the needed information, the auto-detection routine will run and update your module information. This will require a restart that coresuite will prompt you for.


Note that any installation of an older module (using sipinfo.xml version 1) will trigger again the auto-detection routine. This will not happen if you are installing a new type of module (using sipinfo.xml version 2).

What changes for me as a module developer?

As a developer, you should update your sipinfo.xml file to version 2. The changes are small and easily introduced. We've written a dedicated post regarding the sipinfo.xml here.

What are the benefits?

The new mechanism will improve startup speed. The more files a customer has in his add-on, the more significant the improvement.

What are the disadvantages?

The trade-offs are small, the first being the extra restart needed for the auto-detection routine. The second, although not mandatory, is the need to change your module sipinfo.xml to version 2.

Why are these changes needed?

These changes are necessary for our long term commitment to performance and reliability improvements of coresuite. They are also a step in the direction of creating a more independent structure of modules.

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