Functional Differences between iOS and Windows

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In a Nutshell

The following is an overview of the functional differences between the iOS and Windows FSM applications:

Functionality Details iOS Windows Client  
Business Partners        
- Sort By   Yes No  
- Filter By   Yes Only by type  
- Details View - Language Yes No  
  - Add EMME No Yes  
  - Create Report No Yes  
  - Create Lead Yes No  
  - FAB Add button Yes No  
Order Date, Resolution Date, Start Date, End Date   Yes No  
Contacts   Yes No  
- Week View   Yes No  
- Service Assignment Details   Yes No  
Service Calls        
- Filter By   Yes No (Only Mine / All options are displayed on Windows)  
- List View   Yes No  
- Details View - create Materials Yes No  
  - create PO Yes No  
  - Resolution Date Yes No  
  - Contact Phone No Yes  
  - Start Date / End Date Yes No  
  - All EMME number Yes No  
- Filters - Category, Person, Status, related objectDifferences on the 2 clients for the filter by responsible / create person Yes Yes  
- Sort by Create Date, Last Changed, Description, Template Name / Revision / Description> Missing on iOS Yes No  
- Detail View - Chapter View Yes Yes  
  - PDF Report View (incl. Offline PDF generation) Yes No (planned)  
  - Configure action menu Yes No (planned)  
  - View Report Yes Yes  
  - Duplicate Yes Yes  
  - Export PDF offline for closed checklist No Yes (planned to be removed as this offline report is not maintained any longer)  
  - Create new version of closed checklist No Yes (planned to be removed as it is replaced with Duplicate)  
  - Finish chapter before closing checklist Yes No  
Item & Stock        
-Details View - Last Update Yes No  
  - Stock Information Yes No  
  - Item Type (Sales Item, Serial Number Item, Purchase Item, Inventory Item - fields) Yes No  
- Sort By   Yes No  
- Details View - reports button No Yes  
Sales Orders        
- Details View - Items -> Info: Sales item, Serial number item, Purchase item and Inventory Item Yes No  
- Edit Screen - Currency No Yes  
- Edit Screen - Currency No Yes  
Purchase Orders   Yes No  
Approvals   Yes No  
File Library   Yes No  
Work Time        
- Add screen - Repeat Option Yes No  
  - Stopwatch Yes No  
- Add screen - Stopwatch Yes No  
Expenses & Materials   No Yes  
- Filters - Type and Status      
- Views - On iOS there are Mine, Week, All and for Mine and All there are also calendars displayed      
  - On Windows There are Calendar, Mine, All. The Calendar is displayed only on Calendar view      
- Create Materials   Yes No  
- Details View - Create person Yes No  
  - Business Partner No Yes  
- Details View - Create person Yes No  
  - Business Partner No Yes  
- Create Material - Item -> Sort By Yes No  
Incidents Missing on Windows Yes No  
UDF Meta Groups   Yes No  
- View Online Reports   Yes Yes  
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