Partner's connector and custom apps adjustments needed * Due Date September 10th 2018

Dear Partners & Customers,

in order to be compliant with GDPR regulation an adjustment of the existing connectors and applications using our APIs might be required so that your custom connectors and applications will keep working after September 10th 2018.

This has been implemented already by the majority of you in the past year but there are still some isolated cases where this did not take place.

What is required to do?

Your applications or connectors might still be using or some fixed IPs in place pointing to the Coresystems Cloud.  

Instead of this, in the configuration, the correct cluster base url should be retrieved from our directory servers ( and those should then be used in the connector or any application. This is valid for both the Master Cloud and Directory Cloud services.

Where can I get some technical advice?

Please refer to our documentation, especially the secion 4.1 at  and .

What will happen if I do not adjust the connection by September 10th 2018?

Your application will stop working

I am not sure if I am affected. How can I cross-check this?

If you are not sure if your system is affected please open a ticket with subject "[OPERATION] DS Check".  Include in the ticket your cloud account and company name you want to be verified. Our operation team will cross-check if you are affected and provide a quick answer.


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