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Dear Partner,

we want to ensure that we can provide the best possible Support for you. To do so we need your help!

Unless you submit your request via, we start by sending you the following reply:


Dear Customer/Partner,

Thank you for your request. To speed up issue analysis, please provide the following details:

(1) Version Details:

SQL - Forward the results from the following Query

To run the query, please follow the steps below - to make it easier, you can refer to the video 
1. Open SQL Management Studio
2. Go to "New Query"
3. Select the respective company database
4. Right-click in the Query window and choose "Results To->Results to Text"
5. Paste the full query to the Query window 
6. Execute the query
7. Right-click in the Results window and choose "Save Results As" -> name the File as
....YourCompanyName.rpt (replace YourCompanyName with the name of the DB)

HANA - Forward the results from the following Query

To run the query, please follow the steps below - to make it easier, you can refer to the video 
1. Go to HANA Studio
2. Right-click on the respective company database -> choose “Open SQL Console” 
3. Paste the full query to the SQL Console - in case, the SCHEMA is not set automatically add the following to the start of the Query: SET SCHEMA "<<replace with your Schema name>>"
4. Execute the Query
5. Right-click on any of the results window, choose "Export Results" -> name the file as 
....YourCompanyName.rpt (replace YourCompanyName with the name of the DB)

(2) Installed coresuite framework version 
.....(Administration->Add-ons->coresuite administration->Administration->Formtitle=>Version)

(3) Specify if your issue occurs on 32-bit or 64-bit SAP Business One Applications (or both)

(4) Provide coresuiteDebugLog.xml
.....(Standard: Windows->Start->Run->%tmp%->ENTER;
.....Browser Access: Windows->Start->Run->%SystemRoot%\TEMP)

(5) Include detailed issue description
.....incl. screenshot, since when does the issue occur e.g. was any kind of update performed recently, does it happen for all users etc)

(6) Describe which steps you have already tried in order to solve the issue
.....(e.g. SAP Notes Search, coresuite FAQ search, coresuite update etc)

As soon as we have all the required details, we will proceed with your request as soon as possible.



This reply is not sent automatically but based on what details you provided to start with. We send this reply to get the details that will help us to assess your issue. Many issues can simply be solved by us by checking the provided rpt and debug log. Please understand that by taking this approach we can avoid an unnecessary ping-pong between you and us. Should we need to have a look at the reported behaviour on the customer system or discuss additional details, we will of course schedule a remote meeting or phone call as required.

Providing those required details is part of the 1st and 2nd Level support that you are contractually obliged to conduct. Should you require us to check those details together with you or without you on the customer system, we will need to charge you for our efforts. This is not about actually charging you, but helping us to focus on using our actual expertise to solve any reported issue, rather than spending our time with such additional administrative tasks. Think of it this way: How would you feel, if you had an urgent issue where our help is required and we were busy at that time doing basic information collection on another customer system? Would you be happy about that? Would you not prefer that we could focus on your issue when you urgently need us, and we could get on with solving your issue?




What are the 1st and 2nd Level obligations of SAP Business One partners?


Which efforts are chargeable?


Why do we insist that you organise any remote meetings between you, your customer and us?

  • As stated above, you are obliged to be involved (due to your contractually agreed 1st and 2nd Level Support Agreement).
  • You should use these meeting as a possibility for your own upskilling - this could save you time in future.
  • This is the very same approach that SAP takes. SAP as the Software and 3rd Level Support provider for SAP Business One does not deal with the End customer directly, but always via the Partner (exception excluded).


Why do we ask you to follow the steps from a linked FAQ before conducting a remote meeting?

  • As stated above, you are obliged to provide 1st and 2nd Level Support for our products for your customers.
  • Should you for some reason not feel comfortable enough to perform the suggested steps from an FAQ on your own, please let us know.


Where can I find the System requirements?


How often do we update our System requirements?

  • Once SAP releases a new SAP Business One Patch Level, we update our respective Test environments and run our Test Procedures. As soon as our tests have concluded, we will update our System requirements accordingly (add the new Patch Level to the List of either supported or unsupported Patch Levels). If a Patch Level is supported, we will:
    1. activate the automatic module download
    2. add that Patch Level to the Version List on our Country Package and other B1 Modules Page


Should I save the Versions Queries that Coresystems provides locally for use at a later stage?

  • Please check those Queries on a regular basis as we might update them from time to time.





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