Viewing Translation Keys and Creating Custom Translations

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In a Nutshell

From time to time, it is possible that there will be stock translations that are unsuitable for your business needs. When such instances occur, you can enable the showing translation keys feature, record the key name, and then update the translation with your own custom translation using the Translations feature located in the Admin application.

Account vs. Company

In SAP Field Service Management applications, an account can have multiple companies. Please note that custom translations are company-specific. This means that these custom translations will only be applied to the company on which they have been set.

Custom Translation Workflow

1. Enable showing translation keys feature
The first step is to enable the showing translation keys feature from the app settings to view the key name of the translation you wish to replace.
2. Add Custom Translation in Admin
Next, you will need to create a custom, company-specific translation for the key/s using the Translations tab located in the Admin application.
3. Synchronize on Mobile
After successfully creating a custom translation for the key/s, you can then synchronize the changes to the mobile application.

Activate Feature and View Keys

Please note that this example was created using the Android client.

When you find a translation that you wish to overwrite with your own custom translation, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the settings menu and enable the showing translation keys feature:

  2. Record the name of the key you wish to overwrite with a custom translation:

  3. When completed, you can then disable the feature again from the settings menu.

Create Custom Translation

ATTENTION: To complete this step you must have ADMIN privileges.

Using the Translations feature in the Admin application, you can then update existing values with custom values by referencing the Key displayed using the Enable showing translation keys feature.

  1. Login into the Admin application, select the company for which you wish to create a custom translation, and select the Translations tab.
  2. Select the mobile client from the Clients dropdown. Please note that key names are different in each mobile application.

  3. Select the language for which you are creating a custom translation.

  4. Enter the Key found using the Show Keys feature for which you wish to create a custom translation.

  5. Enter the new value for the key.

  6. When complete, click Save.
  7. The custom translation will now be visible in the Translations view.

Synchronize Changes to Mobile App

After custom translations have been created and saved in the Admin application, the changes can then be synchronized to the mobile application by selecting the synchronize button

The custom translation will then be visible in the mobile application.

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