Coresystems API Documentation

Source: This article refers to Coresystems API Documentation
  • Introduction

    This section provides an overview of all sections contained in the API documentation.

  • Getting Started

    This section provides an overview of essential steps required to use the API.

  • Reference

    This section includes example requests.

  • Integration Guidelines

    This section includes real world use cases involving connectors.

  • OAuth 2.0 API

    This section details the Oauth 2.0 API..

  • Query API

    This section details how to write queries against the API.

  • Reporting API

    This section covers the Reporting API.

  • Data Model

    This section explores the Data Model and constituent Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) in detail.

  • User API

    This section covers the User API, which is independent from the Data API and Query API.

  • Coresystems NodeJS SDK

    A nodejs-based SDK that can be used to integrate with FSM.

  • Additional SDK resources

    Additional NodeJS SDK resources for FSM integration.

  • Error Codes

    This section covers all API error codes in detail.

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