Master Data Management Overview

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In a Nutshell

You don’t run an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but you still have your own systems with their specific master data? The Master Data Management app allows you to import and manage your master data through an easy-to-use interface without scripts or programming skills.

The Master Data Management module provides comprehensive data management for the following data object types:

  • Address
  • Business Partner
  • Contact
  • Equipment
  • Item
  • Payment Term
  • Payment Type
  • Price List
  • Shipping Type
  • Project
  • Project Phases
  • Activities
  • Skills
  • People
  • People - Skills Assignments

Key Components

The Master Data Management app consists of the following key components:

Component Description  
Data Loader The Data Loader is used to upload data to use in the Field Service Management application Go
Data Object Management With the Master Data Management app, Business Partner, Contact, Person, Equipment, and Item records can be created and managed. Go
Data Exporter With the Data Exporter, Business Partner, Contact, Person, Equipment, and Item records can be exported in order for backup and archiving, use in another application or tool, or in order to be updated and prepared for re-importation using the Data Loader. Go

A Closer Look

For in-depth instructions on using the Data Loader to upload data, refer to the following topic.

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