Read before updating iOS & Android apps to 6.8.0

Changes to Mobile Device Management setup

Jul 9, 2018


Who is impacted?

The following changes apply only to companies currently using a mobile device management solution (MDM) to deploy and manage the Coresystems mobile apps (on iOS or Android). Version 6.8.0 of the application introduces a breaking change to how these MDM solutions are configured within our system.

What should I change?

Please see the description below to find the details about what must be updated. Pick the chapter that corresponds to the MDM solution in use. If you would like assistance, please contact our support team before updating to 6.8.0 and we will be glad to help with the setup.

Why is this change mandatory?

This is a security related change. Previously, the client id and client secret defined in the Admin console had to contain the same value. This is no longer the case. Now, these two values should be unique. Client ID can be a user-friendly string such as “ComanyNameMDM” and the secret can be a random string token.


Prepare JSON settings payload (sample payload below):

"client_id": "MDMCompanyName",
"client_secret": "A random string token"

Configure AirWatch SDK Profile

  1. Select Organization Group where you would like to configure/distribute the app
  2. Navigate to App & Books menu and choose All Apps & Books Settings
  3. Select Settings & Policies menu under the Apps section
  4. Select Profiles and tap on the Add Profile button
  5. Select SDK Profile, and then iOS App
  6. Give a profile name in the Name text field (eg. Coresystem FieldService iOS App)
  7. Select Custom Settings option on the left
  8. Paste the provided payload
  9. Save the profile and close the settings view

Assign profile to the app

  1. Select Organization Group were you would like to configure/distribute the app
  2. Navigate to App & Books menu and choose Native app option
  3. Select Public tab and choose Add application
  4. Select iOS platform and put Coresystems into the Name text field
  5. Tap Next button
  6. Select Coresystems Field Service app on the list
  7. Navigate to the SDK tab
  8. Select created profile (eg. Coresystem FieldService iOS App)
  9. Tap on the Save & Assign button
  10. On the Assignments, tab select Add assignment button
  11. In the Select assignment, Groups add a group of users/organizations where the app should be published
  12. Select Auto or On-demand option (this option is for automatically install the app on the managed devices or manually by the user)
  13. Change Managed Access and Application Configuration options to Enabled
  14. Select Add button
  15. Select Save & Publish button


  1. Login into MobileIron Admin Portal 
  2. Select Policies & Configs Tab 
  3. Select the AppConfig Policy that is used by the Mobile Client 
  4. Update the App-Specific Configuration and Update Client_id and client_secret
    Eg: Client_id: MDMCompanyName; Client_Secret: A random string token
  5. Save
  6. ReSync the configuration to the Device

Coresystems Admin console

  1. Login to Admin application 
  2. Open Clients menu
  3. Search for the OAuth Account 
  4. Search for the Client ID that is used by the company
  5. Update the Client ID and Client Secret with the value that is set in the MDM above (Airwatch or MobileIron)

Release Date

Our product is undergoing a series of structured tests and the date may be adjusted depending on the outcome. We estimate the release date between 16th -20th of July.

Release Notes

For further details on the improvements please refer to the Changelog for the respective product at


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