Coresystems Field Service Management "Bellavista" Release

What’s new in “Bellavista” Release?

San Francisco, Mai 2nd, 2018

Today, we are happy to announce the “Bellavista” release, a release we've dedicated to data protection compliance and security.

Highlights and User Impact:

  • GDPR compliance - We have implemented the changes required in our product to ensure the way we process personal data is in alignment with the GDPR requirements.
  • Security Fixes - We initiated various in-depth security scans on both our code and productive environments, and have remediated all open issues to make sure you're running fully secure software.
  • Updates in the Infrastructure, Architecture and Testing methods - to address the needs of Large Enterprises while improving scalability, reliability, performance, and time to market.

Note: even though we completed a significant amount of changes to our back-end system, you should not see any difference and do not need to make special preparations for this release.


We invested in data protection to protect personal data recorded in our system, and also implemented the required functionality to fulfil the following GDPR requirements:

Right to be forgotten, informed, rectification and portability. Within the data cockpit, your data protection officer (DPO) can query for data subjects, edit, delete and/or export data.



Managing retention periods. By using our Query API, your DPO can query whether personal data on objects still have to be retained or can be deleted. Within the personal data removal cockpit, your DPO can then remove personal data from the respective objects.


Access restriction. To provide enhanced data access control, we've introduced a new access granting tool. With it, you can now determine who accessed data, and for what reason. 



Classify fields as personal data. You can now classify each object field within Coresystems FSM as personal or sensitive personal data and allow or restrict access through user groups.

Release Date

We will proceed with a set of two (2) Releases. The first release will occur on May 7, 2018, and the second between May 16-25, 2018. The release dates for the mobile apps may deviate from these dates depending on when the store approval takes place.

As our product is undergoing a series of structured tests, the dates may be adjusted depending on the outcome of these tests. Any change in the release dates will be published on this page.

Note again that these releases are transparent and backward-compatible and you will not need to take any action.

*Bellavista (12867 feet) is a mountain and glacier located in the Alps between eastern Switzerland and northern Italy. This release was named after it.

Release Notes

For further details on all improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the "What's New in this release?" and Changelog for the respective product at


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