Requesting a Service from the Self-Service Portal


First Things First

In order to make service requests from the self-service portal, you must have the complete the following prerequisites:

You must have a portal user account.
The account must have equipment records.
There must be moment-sets defined for the equipment
Please note that submitting a service request from the service request submitted from the self-service portal is different than a service request submitted by the end-customer using a mobile device.

Seeing it in Action

After giving a user a portal user account, we are ready to see what it will look like to request a service from the self-service portal.

From the self-service portal, select the + option located at the bottom of the screen. The application will then redirect to a chat dialog:

Alternatively, if you activated the OCR feature, you can also take a picture of the equipment serial number to initiate the Now chat dialog.

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Equipment Landing Page

After scanning a equipment QR-code, entering the serial number, or using the OCR feature, the chat dialog will begin.

From there, you can select the + icon and see which options are available to you.


Select an Option

Based on the Moment-set we created, the following options will be available to you:

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Describe the Problem

Now we can enter more information about the issue we are facing:

When we're finished, we can select the ✔ in the top pane.

Moment-Set Management

Provide the Location

Next, we'll enter the location information:

Alternatively, you can select the ¤ option and provide your location using your computer's location.


Confirming Request

Now, we just have a few steps before completing the requst.

First, you will need to confirm your email and contact information:

You will then be prompted to double-check the information contained in the service request:

If it looks good, you can then go ahead and select Confirm & Send.


Request Completeted

After you have confirmed and sent the service request, you will the application will display the following:

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What's Next

After a service request has been created in the self-service portal, it can then be released to a technician using the Workforce Management app:

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