Coresystems Field Service Management "Aletschhorn" Release

What’s new in “Aletschhorn” Release?

San Francisco, February 13, 2018
Today, we are happy to announce the “Aletschhorn” Release, our first major release in 2018, inspired by our fascinating Swiss alpine world.

Highlights and User Impact:

  • Windows client got our attention in the last months and we release it now with a completely new “design material” look and with great usability improvements.
  • Highly requested by our users and with the scope of increasing flexibility of data analysis, visualization and reporting we have introduced the creation of multiple dashboards and widget selection to Analytics & Reporting app

Coresystems Now

Restrictions of Moments in Service-Bot. Protect your “Moment” using a login dialog in order to access sensitive data (e.g. equipment details, warranty, etc.) or to utilize a specific “Moment” (e.g. Service Request, etc).


Workforce Management

New Equipment Filter on Service Call List. It is now possible to filter equipment on the service call list by Equipment Name, Equipment Serial Number and Manufacturer Serial Number. This allows for the quick filtering of all service calls linked to the same equipment.


Note: Many companies have different customers registered with the same name. However, they refer to a different entity, making it difficult to distinguish them when filtering. The customer number is now displayed next to the customer name, and it is now possible to search by customer number.

Analytics & Reporting

Create and display Multiple Dashboards. As part of Aletschhorn Release comes the first part of the revamping of dashboard monitoring in Analytics & Reporting app. Providing a lot more flexibility in dashboard creation we extended the current functionality and now it’s possible to create multiple dashboards where each may contain different widgets. Dashboard usability will stay in our focus also in the upcoming releases.


Mobile clients

Android & iOS

Great usability improvements available also for our mobile clients! The updates on Effort Creation Screen makes the creation of an effort much easier.


In addition, we have updated the login screen with a fresh look and improved the workflow steps functionality.


Over the past few months, we have focused on the update of the Windows Application, with the objective of closing the gaps that existed between the Windows App and the Mobile Clients.

The Windows app has a new “design material” look and is more consistent with the other mobile apps.


Dashboard view


Create effort screen


Checklist view

Watch the Release Presentation on our Youtube Channel now.

English Version:

German Version:

Release Date

Our product has been released.

Release Notes

For further details on all improvements and bug fixes, please refer to the "What's New in this release?" and Changelog for the respective product at

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