Coresystems FSM - Product Outlook 2018

Coresystems FSM Product - What's new in 2018

San Francisco, February 6, 2018

Dear Customer,

We have exciting things coming in 2018 and wanted to share with you the main highlights

Our Product Priorities in 2018


Crowd Service: we launched our Crowd Platform in 2017, which allows you to build your Service ecosystem of Freelancers and Partners (get started here). We will work hard in 2018 to ensure you can grow and operate your crowd even faster by providing onboarding mechanisms, real-time feedbacks and seamless communication with the stakeholders.



Address the needs of complex industrial field service: The maintenance of power plants and installation of complex assembly lines requires unique attention and support. In 2018, we will work towards addressing these needs and providing e.g. support for EHS and support for planning teams.



Platform: Building a marketplace of apps for extensions and 0-code integration to 3rd party platforms & products will not only help you accelerate your start with field service digitalization but will also provide you new opportunities to quickly customize your field service journey.



Introduction of a public Roadmap

Would you like to stay up-to-date with our latest products and where we are headed? Our always up-to-date roadmap is available here:



Release Strategy & Preview Program

Starting 2018, we will do 4 Major Product Releases, which will take place on the following dates:

  • 27-February: “Aletschhorn” Release
  • 29-May: “Bellavista” Release
  • 28-August: “Castor” Release
  • 27-November: “Dent Blanche” Release

To be notified of what is coming, please register for our Product Announcement by following the Product Announcement Page here. You can also simply consult regularly the Release Notes Page if you want to stay up to date on what we’ve released in the last time.

Preview Program: In order to help you prepare for the changes we are making in our Product we have introduced a “Preview Program”. This program will help you to:

  • Preview changes before they are made generally available
  • Provide us with feedback and help us to improve a feature before it becomes generally available

The registration to the preview program will be soon available within our Product- stay tuned.

Note: Not all the features go through the preview program. Usually, small improvements or features that do not require any feedback and/or do not impact any workflow may not be part of the preview program.

Find all details about our Release Strategy here 


Customer Feedback

Your business needs and opinions are important to us, which is why we invite you to highlight them using the customer feedback portal here. Please find at the bottom of each form the ideas created out of customer feedback and vote for the ideas you like. 

Note: In the upcoming period we plan to make the customer feedback forms also available in the apps. 


DevOps Transformation

Thanks to our success over the past few years, we have significantly grown. This growth brought also some challenges as we need to have an organization that is able to scale and deliver value quickly to our customers while never compromising quality.

This new context motivated us to improve. And that’s why Coresystems is now undergoing a set of cultural, technological, architectural, organizational and process-related changes.


Changing Service Rating: from smileys to Thumbs Up/Down.

The quality of the service and customer experience you provide matters to you? It matters to Coresystems as well; we see it as one of our key objectives. As a matter to collect a consistent rating, we will

  • Replace the current smiley based rating with a "Thumbs up" / "Thumbs down" rating.
  • Trigger the rating request on completion of a Service Call (instead of having the customer to rate in front of the technician), and send the rating request per email to the default contact person of the business partner connected to this Service Call.

This change will be introduced in all productive account in June 2018.

What you need to do:

  • Since the existing ratings collected so far will stay stored in your account, you do not need to archive or extract them.
  • The smileys on the signature screen in the checkout flow of the Mobile Apps will not appear anymore starting June 2018. You may want to inform technicians that use this functionality about this upcoming change.

We wish you a lot of core moments!


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