New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: Release 5.40

What's new in Release 5.40

Today, we are happy to announce the forthcoming release of Coresystems Field Service Software version 5.40.

Highlights of 5.40 and User Impact:

  • With this version we introduce the new Project Management for complex services or installations, allowing you to plan all dependencies of your activities, before your release them
  • Gain more control over your dispatching process by enabling the new Approval Process.

Workforce Management

  • With the new Project Management Module available, you’ll be able to plan your activities and their dependencies, helping your workforce in getting the right activities in the right order, and dispatching smoothly in the field

  • Need to plan activities that are not in your territory or not in your field of responsibilities? We introduced a new Approval Process to make sure everybody needed agrees before your tech goes on.

Mobile Field Service

  • A stopwatch makes recording your time very easy
  • The Sync-button is now also always visible on iOS

Advanced Functionalities

  • You want to have a deep integration in our Field Service solution? Make use of our new plugin-like widgets, allowing you to integrate processes around the dispatching.
  • Admin & System Configuration: Create rules that require multiple dependent actions using the new Multi-Action Business Rule
  • Edit your effort types and prices, service call statuses and all the metadata information now easily in our Master Data Management
  • Customize your service call screen easily with our new user interface for screen customization, create the groups you need, and drag & drop the field you want to see there.
  • Add synchronisation rules in the Admin & System Configuration to limit the amount of data transferred between the Mobile App and make sure your Techs only receive what they are interested in.

This releases also brings further bugfixes and performance improvements. Consult the detailed Release Notes Below for more information.

For a live demonstration of this new Version, feel free to join our Release Information Session Webinar on the Thu, Nov 24, 2016 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CET

Release Date

Our product is currently in process of a structured series of tests. Under normal circumstances, the forecasted release date is November 15 2016. 

Update 22-Nov-2016: The new forecasted Release Date of our Android App will be the 23-Nov-16.

Any update of the Release Date will be published on this page.

Release Notes

For further details of all improvements and bug fixes see our Release Notes which will be updated after the release.



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