New version of Coresystems Field Service Management: Release 5.25

What's new in Release 5.25

We are pleased to announce the first official release of the coresuite successors: The Coresystems Field Service Management Software, which include the following apps:
  • The Workforce Management (HTML 5 based web Application replacing the Resource Planner): Get the right people to the right place, on time, with the parts they need. While we are continuing throughout the year to include the proven features of the existing Resource Planner, this first Version will give you the opportunity to discover already new functionalities:
    • Quickly filters Technicians / Service Call & saves your view
    • Manage Skills of your Technician, and define Skills on your Service Calls
    • Quickly edit the details of your Service Call directly from the Planning Board
    • And much more.

  • With the new Master Data Management App: you do not need to have a separate import script or application to manage your Business Partners, Customers, Employees, Equipment and Items. Do it directly in our App in a user friendly way.

  • System Monitoring App will help you to monitor the health of your system and quickly identify all the potential issues to support you in fixing them as fast as possible

  • In the new Knowledge Management App, formerly Checklist Designer, you'll learn about how to create your own checklists so that your technicians get the best support when working in the field

  • The Administration App will guide you through the set up of your Business Rules and company settings, helping you to get the system adapted for your needs and business processes

  • With Analytics and Reporting, you'll get all of your KPI's under control, helping you to manage your field service operations. In this version, we introduced the new Dashboards, which will allow you to make use of our query API

  • Our updated iOS and Android Mobile Field Service App (former known as the "coresuite Mobile App for iOS / Android") now supports Single Sign On with Active Directory as an Identity Provider, allowing your company to use the already existing usernames & password.

Note that we will officially launch our Product on the July 7th. A new Version of the Workforce Management will be launched on this date, containing the latest bugs & performance fixes.

Note that we will continue to maintain the extent Coresuite Apps and will inform you latest 6 months before terminating the support for them / retiring them from the market.

Refer also to the official documentation for any help:

Release Date

  • 28-Jun-2016, 18:00 GMT+2 (for iOS & Android up to 9 days later available on the store)

 Release Notes

  • For further details of all improvements and bug fixes see our Release Notes which will be updated after the release.
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