Known issues for Master Data Management App

See below the list of issues we know of that could affect some of you using the new checklist designer as part of the Master Data Management App.

If you see any other issues or have suggestions for improvements you can comment directly to this post or provide your feedback here. We will get back to you with a fix or solution proposal!

  1. In Data Loader tool, some data related to Business Partner has to be imported separately with consecutive imports of multiple files. This can be done as follows:
    • (optional) import the Payment Term, Payment Type, Shipping Type, Price List and BP Group data first, separately
    • import the Business Partner data and link to necessary objects (by id)
    • import the Address and Contact data and link to corresponding BPs
  2. In Data Loader tool, to import Person data follow the guidelines in our data model. Any Person will be imported by using two objects linked together by 'refId' (two rows in the import file, of different 'Person.type') and sales employees will be imported using three objects (rows). Note that the very first object for each Person will have 'refId' link to its own id.
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