How to assign service calls based on the skills of the technician

Do your customers have the need to assign service calls to technicians based on their skills? Many customers that have service departments have this need and now it is possible to support this scenario with SAP FSM.

You can easily define skills and assign them to technicians. In the future you will even be able to define an expiration date for that skill, meaning that you will be able to use this feature to control which certificates your technicians have and if they need to re-certify themselves on certain skills! In workforce management, you are able to create filters based on these skills, so that you can see in an easy way, which technicians have this specific skill. Planning is now as easy as it can be.


How to configure Skills

1. Access Workforce Management -> https://your cloud (example:

2. Select the option “Skills”

3. Click on the Plus-Sign in the right-bottom-corner and click on the small man-icon to create a new skill.

4. Define a name and a description for that skill and define which technicians have this skill. 

In this case, Carlos and Brad are certified consultants in SAPFSM.



How to Create Filters based on the skills

1. Go back to Workforce Management (planning board)

2. Select in the filter technicians area the option “Add Filter”, define a name for the filter, select add conditions, select skills, select operator “is”, type the name of the skill, it will search in the cloud for the skill, select it, click “save”, click “create”.

5. Now when you click on the filter “Mobility Certificate”, only the Technicians Brad and Carlos are filtered on the planning board.


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