Changes in Maintenance: Changing from Silverlight Client to .Net-Client

Dear partners and customers

We are happy to announce that our new Field Service Windows .Net Client version 5.20 has been officially released (Installer).

The new Windows Client is replacing the old Windows Silverlight Client version 5.10 ( As this is a big change in terms of technology (from Silverlight to .Net) there are certain consequences which have to be considered by you

  • The maintenance of the old Windows Silverlight Client version 5.10 will end by December 31st 2016.

  • All enhancements, feature requests and improvements will automatically be implemented only on the new Windows .Net Client version 5.20 or higher.

  • The new .Net client is offline enabled and needs to be installed on computers which want to use it.

  • The new .Net client covers the same features than the old client.

  • The new .Net client is not possible to run via web browser any more.

If you  use the old Silverlight Client you need to switch to the new version by latest December 31st 2016. If you need assistance please contact your partner or Coresystems. We are happy to help you with the switch of the clients.

This announcement has been sent out to all affected partners and customers in a separate email.


Kind regards

Your Coresystems team 

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