Welcome from new Product Head

Dear Customers,


Starting February 2016, I had the honour to overtake the lead of the Product Organisation of Coresystems, which I am very proud of. With its Product Line, Coresystems managed to satisfy over 150'000 Customers worldwide, helping them on their way to deliver a Real Time Service experience.


In the past 10 years, I've worked in various global companies helping them, through different Roles, to get high performing businesses by delivering IT solutions covering their needs. From the deep understanding of the problem space to the search for tangible solutions and the delivery of them, I've been consistently exposed to a broad range of challenges.


Together with my very motivated team, we will pursue the quest of defining the right product for our customer, helping them in getting high performant businesses that can make the difference and deliver great service moments


In the next Post, I'll present you our Product Manifesto which defines, through our belief, the DNA of our Product. Stay tuned.



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