Known issues for the Workforce Managment App

See below the list of issues we know of that could affect some of you using the new Workforce Management App.

If you see any other issues or have suggestions for improvements you can comment directly to this post or provide your feedback here. We will get back to you with a fix or solution proposal!

  1. When working with ECC, the Service Call cannot be set to "Technically Complete"
  2. On some PC, we experienced issues loading the planning board: as a consequence you may have to reload by selecting the URL in the browser and pressing the "Return" key, which will trigger a reload
  3. When working with a big amount of Data, you may experience some performance issues
  4. You may experience some instabilities / layout rendering issues on the planning board, and moving assignments may not behave as expected
  5. Translations may not be complete.
  6. Permissions are not fully considered yet. It's possible that you are able to create an assignment or a Service call even you don't have the permission. In this case you would receive an error message, when you try to save the changes.
  7. Some error messages are not specifically helping to find out the cause of the problem. We are working on to find all the cases were error messages need to be more clear.
  8. The Service call list below the planning board is limited to max. 200 Service calls. If there are more you see a message, which tells you to apply a filter.
  9. Settings screen is not available yet, but the new Workforce Management App considers the same settings (e.g. Service call status, which defines "Ready to plan") as the existing Silverlight Resource Planner.
  10. The draggable Splitter between the Planning board and the Service call list has UI issues.
  11. Internet Explorer is not supported yet (General Performance Issues and Service call detail layout is broken on Internet Explorer 11)
  12. Filters are sometimes not longer applied after refresh when the filter menu is open.
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