Overview Roadmap 2017


Spring (5.50 / 5.60)

  • Perfect Field Service Journey Part I (WFM): Performance of data loading, even under high amount of data is key if you want to achieve realtime service. The technology changes we perform here will help to load all your service calls and related data faster. We also work on an advanced but easy to use filter concept to help to find the right information at the right time.

  • Video for Remote Assistance (Mobile): This Beta version of the Video Assistance will allow your Technicians to get better assistance through the sharing of their smart phones video camera to another mobile technician's device. This feature is for demo purpose and working only on Android. An official Version will follow.

  • Ressource Availability Management (WFM/MDM): working & non-working time on a person level is essential for providing an accurate intelligent planning. With this feature, you'll be able to define, on technician level, what are the work time patterns, and define shifts.

  • Purchase Order Management (Mobile): when your tech doesn't have access to a warehouse, he may need to purchase materials. In order to track such expenses, we introduced a way to create, edit, and display purchase orders on the mobile device, and have them synchronise with your ERP

Summer (5.70 / 5.80)

  • Perfect Field Service Journey Part II (WFM/MDM): We are improving the navigation when creating / editing your Service Calls and Data, this way you can further reduce your time to dispatching. We will extend and apply our filters on all the existing pages

  • Artificial Intelligent Planning (AI Services): our smart algorhythms will support you to dispatch to the right technicians, by considering various constraints like availability, skills, but also the precise distance and time to travel.

  • Now! Launch (Self Service Portal): Get your end-customers part of the Real-Time-Service journey: we will provide a self-service portal so that your customers can directly (through QR Code for e.g.) order the service, order spare parts, and get feedback about the progress of the activities.

  • Screen Configuration Support (Platform Customization): Customize our product to perfectly match your processes: with the Screen Configurator, you get a wysiwyg editor to edit & organise screens like Service Call Details (Web/Mobile), Activity Details (Web/Mobile), Business Partner Detail (Web/Mobile), Expense Detail, Material Detail, Mileage Detail, Effort Detail (Mobile), Equipment Detail (Web/Mobile), Item Detail (Web/Mobile), Person Detail (Web). You can easily create and assign your own user defined fields in all of these screens.
  • Custom Objects (Platform Customization): We have user defined fields for the existing objects, but in order to model more advanced information like tables, we will introduce Custom Objects. This way you can integrate information from a 3rd party systems in our cloud.

  • Checklist in Web Apps (WFM): in order to visualize information that has been filled-out in a checklist without having to generate a report, we will introduce a new functionality in our Web App to edit and view checklists that have been assigned to your technician. With this little enhancement you can even ask your endcustomers to fill in checklists by themeseves (e.g. how to clean a machine-instruction).

  • Service Level Agreement (WFM/MDM): manage your service assignment directly in our Workforce Management, so that you can consult any relevant contractual information to plan your service right.

Fall (5.90 / 6.00)

  • Crowd Enablement: Build your private Service Crowd: get your Service Partners connected with you and let them address your service calls. And this without the hassles of planning & dispatching: our software take cares of finding the best matching technician amongst your service partners based on location and skills and availability. Through the introduction of packages, you even set the price for the work to be done

  • Enhanced map: get an overview of your technician's location and daily trip to help you to visualize their schedules in the spatial dimension and give you the relevant information about where they are and where they have to go

  • Widgets / Platform: you want to build on top of our platform to better integrate with your business processes and display information from a 3rd party source?

  • Feed / History of Events for main Objects: to help you to take the right decision and information, we introduce a feed on Business Partners, Equipments and People. This will give you the key history information happen what, who, when and when for each of these objects.

  • Integrated Workflow Steps: to better support the field execution and improving the user experience, we work on making the workflow steps for the technician better integrated in his journey. We also work on a new type of workflow step for configuring the checkout stepand provide you better customization.

  • AI Chatbot: Get assistance from an experimental AI driven bot, that should help your technician to find the right information

  • WFM: Communication: support your technician, dipsatchers and end-customer to get on the same page by providing new communication means.



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