New hotfix version of coresuite mobile 5.05.1 for iOS

Today, Feb 11 2016, we released a new version 5.05.1 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:

Bugs fixed

  • On creating material the warehouses are not displayed
  • In effort day view list the text is missing
  • Assignment stays open after doing checkout with online report
  • App crash when taking reserved material to own stock
  • Wrong rounding logic to next 15 minutes for efforts that are scheduled endtime to '23:59' 
  • When creating Sales Order the item base price can be modified
  • Usage field on item disappeared
  • Service checkout flag is not synced to cloud
  • Service Call List View: not enough space to display properly
  • Error on Quantity Field when a sales quotation is created
  • App crash when deleting the item quantity on a sale document 
  • App crash when deleting a sales order draft
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