Known issues for Knowledge Management App

See below the list of issues we know of that could affect some of you using the new checklist designer as part of the Knowledge Management App.

If you see any other issues or have suggestions for improvements you can comment directly to this post or provide your feedback here. We will get back to you with a fix or solution proposal!

  1. The row description element for tables with a fix number of rows is not yet supported.
  2. Checklist Templates that are larger than 1 MB cannot be imported.
  3. If you try to attach a picture or file that exceeds the maximum size which is 1 MB by default, it will not work but there is no message that would indicate why the file cannot be attached. This is a small thing we will fix it in the next release.
  4. Companies on clusters outside of Europe cannot create checklist templates and get the error message that the user does not have the right permission even though the user has the correct permission.
  5. Performance issues with companies that have more than 50 Checklist Template Categories or more than 500 Checklist Templates
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