SAP FSM - Windows Client Installer


Update 26 February 2020: The issue with Worktimes in the WindowsClient is resolved with version 8.5, which is available now and can be downloaded below.


Update 11 February 2020: Due to a known issue with Worktimes in the WindowsClient we had to remove version 8.4 from our helpdesk.

If you or your customer is creating worktime entries in the Windows Client and are using Windows Client 8.4, please open a ticket at


Update 26 February 2020: New Version of Windows Client released - Version 8.5!



To install the Windows Client for the Coresystems Field Service Application

  1. When manually installing the application or whenever installing a Beta Version make sure to remove the previous application via Add & Remove Programs before installing the new version
  2. Download the Installer File
    SAP FSM - Windows Client Installer




  3. Start the installation by double click on the executable file
  4. Follow the steps in the Installation Wizard
  5. Start the application
  6. Login with your cloud account and user details
  7. In order to update the application check for available updates from within the application

That's all!


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