How to use the Service Rating Report?

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You want to analyse the service ratings customers gave to your technicians during the service checkout.


With the March 2016 release, we include a new standard report "Service Ratings". This report can be viewed from the Apps Reports Module:

  1. Go to Reports Module
  2. Select Online Reports
  3. Select the Report Template "objectRatings"
  4. Preview

The report displays all Service Ratings by Employee. You can see the total numbers and the percentage for each rating.

In case you want to adjust this report you can download it from within Jaspersoft Studio and make the relevant adjustments. See our tutorial on how to download a report in JasperSoft Studio Coresystems Field Service Software Report Designer Download Reports

Further details how to work with JasperSoft Studio to adjust or create report templates can be found in our online documentation: > Reporting > Getting started


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  • I assume that the  back office would like to be able to see this report without using a mobile device. Can you add to this publication how to see this report from

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