New versions of coresuite mobile solution - 5.00

Next Tuesday 17th November May 2015 around 18:00 PM (GMT+1 Time)  we'll release new versions of the coresuite mobile solution:



  • Allow to run reports from a checklist template
  • Run different checklist online reports from checklist instance details
  • Import several Checklist Templates at once with changing certain data before
  • Management of Generic Equipment
  • Align description max. length validation for File and File Revision
  • Enable filtering of ActivityTemplate by checklist templates
  • Allow to upload new Customization for Screens

Bug fixes

  • CPB-3671 - Duplicate results displayed when trying to assign a responsible person via auto-complete

  • CPB-3791 - Attribute list not scrollable
  • CPB-3858 - Activity types cannot be displayed
  • CPB-4103 - Tree view doesn't allow scrolling through all objects
  • CPB-4122 - End of Scrollbar is not visible when filtering activities
  • CPB-3789 - Empty box is displayed for Equipment tree in case there are no equipment available

coresuite mobile resource planner


  • Provide a company setting to define whether field values should be copied to a new assignment or not

Bug fixes

  • CPB-3827 - Crash after saving assignment if "auto sync on save" is enabled
  • CPB-3025 - When deleting multiple assignments the servicecall is duplicated in list

coresuite mobile client


  • Business Client Map shows addresses with only GPS coordinates

Bug fixes

  • CPB-3769 - Gauge report value display defaults to 130%


Please make sure that you synchronize your local data with the cloud before next Monday 17th November 2015 18:00 (GMT+1 Time), otherwise it could lead to data loss.

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