New hotfix version of coresuite mobile 3.1.1 for iOS

Today, Oct 26 2015, we will release a new version 3.1.1 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:


  • Material creation screen has been improved further to optimize workflow

Bugs fixed

  • Performance improvement when opening todays assignment
  • Can attach a brand new picture to a checklist now
  • For some users the Webcontainer did not open
  • Sales order view now remembers last state correctly
  • In some configurations the checkout button was missing
  • The app sometimes crashed when leaving the map
  • In rare cases the app crashed when using print&send
  • In rare cases the app crashed when entering Efforts or Material view
  • Business partner map now shows needle pins as expected
  • Fixed login screen on iPad so it does not move around anymore
  • Added favorite icon for recent history
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