New version of coresuite mobile 3.1 for iOS

Today 13.10.2015 we released a new version 3.1 of the coresuite mobile for iOS:



  • Added iOS 9 support.
  • Added 2 new modules “File Library” and “Recent History”
  • Improved the user experience for adding material, efforts, expenses and mileages.
    Click on „All Efforts/Expenses/Materials/Mileages“ in the detail screen e.g. of an assignment to create those objects. They are no longer in the +-menu.



  • Redesign of the checkout screen.
  • Customers no longer have to provide a rating when they sign.
  • Two new functions on assignments: “Take it” (for quickly assigning it to yourself) and “Handover” (for handing it over to someone else)
  • Extended the checklists with new fields (template description, instance description, template revision)
  • Improved the function for duplicating checklists.
  • The header of checklist tables is now fixed, always visible when scrolling.
  • There is now a search functionality for UDFs in selection list form.
  • When filtering activities based on equipment, sub-equipments are also considered
  • Incidents now have defects and causes.
  • Dropped iOS 7 support.
  • Bug fixing and Stabilization
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