New version of coresuite mobile resource planner

Next Monday 12.10.2015 around 18:00 (GMT+1 Time) we'll release a new version of the coresuite mobile resource planner


  • [CPB-3457] - Allow to copy a group of assignments to the same technician
  • [CPB-2366] - Keep the list of open groups in the service board after navigation to another menu


  • [CPB-2517] - No translation of error message available
  • [CPB-3193] - Error message for a missing Service Call was not helpful
  • [CPB-3538] - Unplan of an assignment didn't work correctly
  • [CPB-3701] - Update of an already existing Activity should be done only with the release of an Assignment


Please make sure that you synchronize your local data with the cloud before next Monday 12.10.2015 18:00 (GMT+1 Time), otherwise it could lead to data loss.

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