Important announcement: deprecation of SAP B1 Cloud Connector versions earlier than 1.82

Dear Customer and Partner, 

This announcement is for SAP Business One users with coresuite mobile.

To improve our Cloud architecture, existing Cloud Connectors need to be updated to 1.82 or later. The improved architecture increases availability and stability of our Cloud solution.

As of December 1st 2015 SAP B1 Cloud Connector versions earlier than 1.82 will stop working. This includes the following versions:

  • 1.68
  • 1.70
  • 1.72
  • 1.80

If you are using any of the above versions, make sure to update before December 1st 2015. You can easily check your Cloud Connector version in the Event Log Viewer window.


For manual installation, you can download the latest version from our helpdesk

System Requirements:

Please ensure that your system meets the requirements before you update the SAP B1 Cloud Connector. Note that after you update the Connector, SAP Business One versions 8.81 and 8.82 will NOT be able to connect to the Cloud anymore. As these versions are no longer supported by SAP, we urge customers to update their systems.

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