New version of SAP B1 Cloud Connector: 1.82.12

We are pleased to announce that a new version of the SAP Business One Cloud Connector will be released on the 1st of September 2015. The update will be rolled out automatically during the next couple of days, starting on the 1st of September. Customer installations will update during night time. Version 1.82.12 will replace version 


  • Supports SAP HANA
  • Supports native SAP B1 business partner document numbering (for SAP HANA users this is mandatory)
  • Support for improved cloud architecture to reduce down time hours during cloud maintenance
  • Usability improvements for connector configuration
  • Improved reliability in case of SQL server deadlocks
  • Support branches for business partners and sales documents
  • Support for stock level changes during stock-taking
  • Saving geo-location info to SAP B1 is now optional
  • Support for resolving change conflicts
  • Support multiple barcodes in item master data
  • Deleting an attachment in SAP B1 is reflected in the cloud
  • Deleting an address in SAP B1 is reflected in the cloud
  • Improved transfer speed of stock level and price data
  • Improved performance for processing changes of SAP B1 data
  • Improved logging and debug information
  • Improved error messages
  • Bugfixes and stability enhancements


  • On installation, there will be some new user defined field created in all connected companies.
  • On installation, there will be a migration process of your data on the cloud. This can last for a few minutes, after which normal operation is resumed.
  • On installation, there will be a full synchronisation of all business partners to the cloud for technical reasons.
  • If you want to prevent the update from being installed automatically, please stop and disable the coresuite cloud connector auto-update service on your server.

For manual installation, the latest version can always be downloaded from our helpdesk.


System Requirements:

Please check the system requirements here

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