New Customize rule for download checklist report from cloud

In an effort to provide the highest level of service to our customers, two new rules have been implemented to download checklist from Cloud in Coresuite Customize 4.85: 1) Download checklist from Activity, and 2) Download checklist from Service Call.

When upgrading or installing Coresuite Customize 4.85, the following text box will appear:

Click 'Yes', if using checklist function on Cloud. (Note: The System Message box will populate two times. Click ‘Yes’ each time. This will activate the two new rules).

The two new rules will automatically be checked activating the Download checklist function from Activity and Service Call.

These rules allow you print checklist from Service Call and Activity. So far, this new checklist downloading solution only support checklist attach on Service Call, Activity, Equipment. The reason we use this new solution is new element of table in the checklist is supported.

There has some basic cloud logging information in the function button rule need to be filled as below:

1. cloud logging credentials

accountName need input your cloud account name, userName need to input cloud user name, password need to input your personal password and companyName need to input your company name.

Notice: the cloud user used in this rule need to have checklist subscription(license) and fully access permission to checklist.

2. define path to save pdf

In the code, there has a variable named path is use to define the path to save checlist pdf.

Note: The Download checklist option will appear under the Functions button, when the rules are active.

See example below in Service Call:


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  • comment from coresystems: FAQ updated with your input

    Good afternoon,

    It looks lik e still some credentials need to be filled in?
    This is currently in the code:

    // Credentials
    string accountName = "mape-trial";
    string userName = "***";
    string password = "
    string companyName = "coresystems";

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