Coresystems Field Service – iOS Release 3.0

We are pleased to announce that Version 3.0 of the coresuite iOS App was published on the Apple Store on 13th July 2015.

This new version includes the following:

General Improvements

  • [CPB-1970] – Stay on active screen after synchronization is completed on iPad
  • [CPB-204] - Prevent the automatic closing of pop over's when tapping outside of a text input to prevent the loss of unsaved data
  • [CPB-2278] - Change of linked object is not anymore possible when recording effort, material or mileage from a service assignment (activity)
  • [CPB-116] – Display more information in the email sent from an activity

Service Checkout Improvements

  • [CPB-2373] - Display additional information in checkout details
  • [CPB-483] - Support to define required objects before the check-out of an assignment can be performed

Material Management Improvements

  • [CPB-1783] – Support to receive and use batch managed items
  • [CPB-1819] – Support to take serial number managed items to own stock from reserved material
  • [CPB-2226] - UI Improvements for batch or serial number managed items on reserved material

New features

  • [CPB-2139] - Support for new object 'Incident'
  • [CPB-2099] - Support UDF groups for equipment

Bug fixes

  • [CPB-2453] - Display an Assignment that is checked out and not yet closed on technicians home screen
  • [CPB-2347] - Generate different beep when adding an item the first or the second time to a sales order
  • [CPB-1567] - Save travel duration correctly when creating material
  • [CPB-1087] – Improve performance when scanning items on older devices
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