coresuite onPremise, new version 4.85 - Official Release

We are pleased to announce that Version 4.85 of the coresuite onPremise products is now released (14th July 2015).

This new version includes the release of our "Sales Budget Wizard" (for additional details, please check our coresuite country package  and coresuite cube manuals.)

Amongst other enhancements, a further nine Reports were converted and made available for HANA.

The 4.85 release includes the following:


  • CSPC-1111 sales budget setting up in accounting
  • CSPC-1150 Balance Sheet - KPI (FIN60009) availalble for HANA
  • CSPC-1151 Balance sheet Template -LD (FIN05403) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1152 Budget Report - KPI (FIN05440) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1153 Document ESR -LD (DOC00006) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1154 Document PR - LD (DOC00009) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1155 Profit and Loss - KPI (FIN05438) for HANA
  • CSPC-1156 Profit and Loss vs. Budget - KPI (FIN05439) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1157 Profit and Loss by Cost Center - KPI (FIN05430)
  • CSPC-1158 Proft and Loss by Project (FIN05405) available for HANA
  • CSPC-1159 Sales budget report


  • CSC-949 Customize rule * Download checklist PDF from cloud
  • CSC-962 Add example for Master Data Management
  • CSC-963 Add example for GridConfigurator


  • CSD-873 Add example for Report Subscription


  • SPY-459 Payment Wizard Swiss for Sweden - SEPA adjustement


  • CSCU-473 Add SQL Server 2014 Support
  • CSCU-484 Add Account Foreign Name as Attribute in the Finance Cube
  • CSCU-490 Add Budgeting Functionality to the Sales Cube
  • CSCU-497 Add Dimension BusinessPartners to CashFlow Cube
  • CSCU-507 Add a new date property IsCurrentYear to the date dimensions


This version contains as well bug-fixes and other improvements.
The updated change-log is available here.
The latest coresuite installers are available here.

We would like to remind you to direct all your questions and input to our support team via mentioning the release version in the subject. 

Your coresystems Team!

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