New versions of coresuite mobile solution - 4.85

On Wednesday 1st July 2015 around 18:00 PM (GMT+1 Time) we'll release new versions of the coresuite mobile solution.

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  • [CPB-1620] - Display a more accurate error message when it's not possible to load an assignment
  • [CPB-2159] - Keep the list of open groups in the service board after synchronization
  • [CPB-2163] - Only show Service Calls in the service board where at least one activity is available (needs configuration)
  • [CPB-2157] - Deletion of an assignment doesn't cancel the already assigned activity (needs configuration)
  • [CPB-2161] - Not possible to filter on ServiceCalls in RessourcePlaner if "Assignments grouped by SC“ activated
  • [CPB-2455] - Display code of the Equipment also on the Equipment Detail Screen
  • [CPB-2126] - Load only the chosen assignment, when the user clicks on the Detail-Link on the assignment screen
  • [CPB-2044] - Distinguish the service assignment status based on the color when using "Checkout without closing"
  • [CPB-1443] - Don't display an error when there is a mismatch between the company settings and the data in the objects


  • [CPB-2187] - Enhance rules for Activity subject for assignments
  • [CPB-1517] - Unknown text appears in the scenario settings
  • [CPB-150] - Some Activities weren't properly imported into SAP B1 because of duration issues
  • [CPB-2331] - Moving multiple assignments causes error messages
  • [CPB-2162] - Selection list behavior is not as expected


coresuite service cloud


  • [CPB-2219] - New Module for Checklist Templates


  • [CPB-1838] - Administer the Email-settings
  • [CPB-2439] - Allow only attributes of the same object types in the same tree of attributes
  • [CPB-2008] - ERP Error detail screen enhancements
  • Bug fixing and stabilization


coreuiste mobile client


  • [CPB-2399] - Select default usage does not update the usage of the lines, when it's done after entering the item lines
  • Bug fixing and stabilization


Please make sure that you synchronize your local data with the cloud before next Wednesday 1st July 2015 18:00 (GMT+1 Time), otherwise it could lead to data loss.

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