Infrastructure Announcement, 18th June 2015

Dear customers

We are improving our infrastructure to deliver better performance and availability. Part of this improvements is moving company databases to new database servers. 

Databases are migrated within flowing dates and times : 


18th June 8pm - 19th June 4 am (CET)

19th June 8pm - 20th June 4 am (CET)

20th June 10am - 20st June 18 pm (CET)

21st June 8pm - 21st June 4 am (CET)


19th June 1am - 19th June 9 am (CET)

20th June 1am - 20th June 9 am (CET)

20th June 10am - 20st June 18 pm (CET)

21st June 8pm - 21st June 4 am (CET)


During this periods you can expect service outage which will last from few minutes till one hour. For each company in account will outage occur only once. Outage time is dependent on company’s database size. 

For any questions please contact us at


Your coresystems Team!



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