New versions of coresuite mobile solution - 4.80.2

On Wednesday 27th May 2015 around 18:00 PM (GMT+1 Time)  we'll release new versions of the coresuite mobile solution. This release includes mainly bugfixes.


coresuite service cloud


  • CPB-1387 Create checklist instance on Service Cloud and link to activity

Bug Fixes

  • CPB-2242 List of Activities is sorted by UID of the object which looks random order to the use
  • CPB-1927 Sort the values in Attribute dropdowns/selection lists in alphanumerical order
  • CPB-1981 Missing paging when looking at a list with over 50 elements
  • CPB-2087 Save button overlaps the error message when trying to add several default values to attributes
  • CPB-2041 City is not displayed in Business Partner list after creating an address
  • CPB-2198 Checklist Template picker list used for creating a checklist instance in Activity details page is not the appropriate one
  • CPB-2039 InLine editing of City from address is not reflected in Business Partners list
  • CPB-1910 When creating a new file revision the tab "attribute" is default, but it should be hidden
  • CPB-1064 UI issue in Attributes details screen<


coresuite mobile client

Bug Fixes

  • CPB-1944 Checklist loading error message [Invalid operation no value]
  • CPB-2103 Second item added in activity reverts to the first items price - Also Notes Copy Over ( Ready)
  • CPB-2338 [REGRESSION] Coresuite Web Client crashes with IE when connected to coresuite companion
  • CPB-1946 Cannot assign checklists on Silverlight client
  • CPB-1728 Sort items in PDF of sales order/quotation

Please make sure that you synchronize your local data with the cloud before next Wednesday 27th May 2015 18:00 (GMT+1 Time), otherwise it could lead to data loss.

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