New versions of coresuite mobile solution

On Tuesday 7th April 2015 around 18:00 PM (GMT+1 Time)  we'll release a new versions of the coresuite mobile solution:


coresuite resource planner

New Features

  • CSCRP-1359 Unplan unreleased Assignments does not cancel the assigned Activity (Improvements for group of assignments)


  • CSCRP-1356 Additional fields on the Assignment detail screen: Equipment, Activity Code, Subject 
  • [CSCRP-1350] - Implement group assignments copy to another technician (Improvements for group of assignments)


  • CSCRP-1365 Overlay info screen missing details


Due to some database changes it is necessary to synchronize your local data with the cloud in order to prevent data-loss.

To give the possibility to inform each user of the resource planner coresystems decided to wait for the roll-out until Thursday 9th April 2015 18:00 (GMT+1 Time).

Please synchronize your data latest by Thursday 9th April 2015 17:59 (GMT+1 Time). 


coresuite mobile 2.9 for iOS

New Features

  • CSIOS-5776 Support Check-Out without closing the activity
  • CSIOS-5744 Allow checkout using online service report


  • CSIOS-5662 Implement conflict resolution on edit Equipment screen
  • CSIOS-5793 Display a message to the user that unsynchronized objects will not appear on the report
  • CSIOS-5815 Implement new concept for IWL (Item Warehouse Level) and IPA (Item Price Assignment) on iOS

Please note that coresuite mobile 2.9 for iOS will need few days before becoming available in the AppStore due to release timing of Apple.

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