Coresystems SAP Field Service Software


Webinar: SAP FSM Release 2002 – Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: SAP FSM Release 1911 – Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: SAP FSM Order Process [EN] [DE]
Webinar: SAP FSM Release 1908 – Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: SAP FSM Release 1905 – Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: December Release - Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: Release 6.0.0 – Info Session [EN] [DE]
Webinar: Release 5.90 – Info Session [EN] [DE] [PT] [ES]
Webinar: Release 5.70 – Info Session [EN] [DE] [PT] [ES]
Webinar: Release 5.60 – Info Session [EN] [DE] [PT] [ES]
Webinar: Release 5.50 – Info Session [EN] [DE]    
Webinar: Erstklassiger Field Service in der Medizinbranche   [DE]    
Webinar: Release 5.40 – Info Session [EN]   [PT]  
Webinar: Release 5.26 – Info Session [EN]      
Webinar: Field Service 2nd Generation [EN] [DE] [PT] [ES]

How to Guides

Webinar: How to add service calls in the FSM Cloud via Emails [EN]      

Customer Self Service (NOW)

Webinar: Customer Self Service (NOW) Introduction [EN] [DE]     

Cloud Reporting

Webinar: Report Designer Setup [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Data Adapters [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Download Reports [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Upload Reports [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Create Report from Scratch [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Create Subreports [EN]    
Webinar: Report Designer Select Date Range [EN]    

Field Service Mobile App

eLearning:How to use the Check In Functionality [EN]    
eLearning: Reserved Material [EN]    
eLearning: Field Service Software – Activity Feedback [EN]    
Webinar: Mobile field service     [PT]
eLearning: How to manage opportunities with Coresystems Field Service Software [EN]    
Webinar: Mobile sales & checklist [EN]    

Workforce Management

eLearning: How to configure the Resource Planner [EN]    

Knowledge Management

eLearning: How to display the mobile checklists in SAP Business One [EN]    
Webinar:: Mobile sales & checklist [EN]    


eLearning:: File Library [EN]    
eLearning:: How to customize the App Logo [EN]    
eLearning:: How to assign mobile licenses and create permission groups [EN]    
eLearning:: How to purchase mobile licenses [EN]    


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