New version of coresuite mobile 2.8 for iOS

On Monday, 23rd March 2015 coresuite mobile v.2.8 will be released. 


The release 2.8 is introducing the following:

New Features:

  • Service report is now display by default having the same language as the selected Business Partner
  • Is now possibile to add and edit a description for the material
  • Display group of UDFs on Activities (Note: This feature is available only with SAP ECC as back-end)
  • Generate online reports in different formats, in addition to PDF (Word, Excel, ZIP, etc.)


  • Web Container titles are now translated 
  • Notify user when a synchronization is required to Print & Send Checklist Instances 
  • Display checklist name as the title of the checklist screen


  • The attachments linked to a checklist instance are now correctly removed also when the checklist is open and synchronized


We remind to all our customers that for any support request related to this release a new message should be open at mentioning in the subject the release version and the cloud account in use.
Your coresystems Team!

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